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bluearth mountain boards
bluearth mountain boards
BluEarth Mountain Board F.A.Q.

Changes to BluEarth ProBoard Instructions

The bluearth pro board instruction manual states that there should be a washer placed between the channel truck and the wheel bearing. As the these channel trucks use RS6001 bearings they are larger than the skate truck bearings and dont require the washer. Fit the wheel flush to the small aluminium spacer and fit the nut to the truck threads.

Fitting BluEarth Bindings

Fitting your bindings properly with provide a better riding experience and prolong the life of your new bluearth board, please follow the instructions below :-

The bluearth bindings come in several parts.

1. Washer
2. Bolt.
3. Washer.
4. White Over Cap.
5. Rubber Sleeve.
6. Washer.
7. Binding Strap.
8. Washer.
9. Bolt.

The binding should come prebuilt with the exception of the lower washer. Fit this washer to the bolt and thread the bolt into the deck plug.

Tighten the bolt with the allen key supplied until the upper assembly is compacted , the bolt should not protrude from the base of the deck plug as this might catch on terrain while riding, this should leave the fabric of the binding to twist easily .

Take a spanner ( image shows the included spanner as an example, a 12mm thin spanner is used ) and then tighten the nut down to the deck plug so the bolt is securely fixed in place and the binding fabric can rotate freely.

Go Ride !
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