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bluearth mountain boards
bluearth mountain boards
Mountain Board Information / Mountain Board User Manual


Running or jumping on to boards can be dangerous for you and others.

Before Each Use.

Check all nuts, bolts and wheel nuts to ensure they are secure before each use. If during use your wheels or trucks units wobble then stop riding the board and check them for tightness. Remember do not over tighten the nuts or bolts or you may damage their thread. Increase the life of your board by regularly cleaning the axles and bearings with an oily cloth or rag. When they get wet wipe dry and grease with a light lube. Check the deck at times for damage and cracks in the board and replace if necessary. Check the tyres, worn or split tyres must be replaced. A well-maintained board reduces the risks of failure and injury.


This product is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase for manufacturing and workmanship defects but is not guaranteed against damage by the user through use when performing tricks. The product is not guaranteed for KiteBoarding.


We recommend that you keep this information sheet for future reference. THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS SMALL PARTS AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 5 YEARS OLD Finally, we recommend you keep a safe note of when and where you purchased your BluEarth product for future reference and guarantee purposes. This should be kept in a safe place together with the model reference which will assist you when ordering spare or replacement parts for your BluEarth product.


BE Safe, BE Sensible but most of all ENJOY!


All Terrain Boarding (ATB) or Mountainboarding is a very extreme sport. The potential risk of injury or death are much higher than in other boardsports. Do not participate in this sport or use this product unless you accept all liability and responsibility for any injuries that you may cause.

Distributed By:

J & R Sports Limited
Liver Industrial Estate, Long Lane
Aintree, Liverpool, L9 7ES

Tel: +44 (0)151 523 0500
Fax: +44 (0)151 523 0501
The BluEarth & HILLBILLY Name, Logos & Devices are Registered Trademarks of J & R Sports Ltd, Liverpool, L9 7ES.

If you have never ridden an ATB before, even if you have ridden a skateboard before, then we recommend that you do not fit the foot-straps at this point. Instead refer to the section, Caution For Beginners, as you are at risk of injury if you use the board with the bindings before understanding and getting used to the board.

To fit the bindings to the board, first unscrew the board plugs at the end of the bolts through the binding assembly. These are the plugs with the jagged edge. These fit into the holes on the underside of the board and will be a very tight fit. If you cannot fit using your hand alone then we recommend the use of a rubber mallet to gently tap the plugs into position. Note they should extend only by the thickness of the plug head. Once all four plugs are fitted turn the board over and then screw the foot-straps into the plugs. The flat washers sit on top of the board and allow the compression nut to sit correctly. Ensure the screws are properly fitted into the inserts. Then tighten the allen bolts securely using the allen keys provided and ensure there is no play in the foot-straps. The leash position is at the preference of the rider but we recommend fitting the leash to one of the foot-straps and the other end to your ankle.

Caution For Beginners.

First try the board on a flat surface to get used to the board and its function. Place one foot on the board above the holes for the foot-straps and push gently with the other. The second foot may be placed on the board once you have achieved your balance and above the holes for the other foot strap. Never place your foot at the back of the board only.


Always follow these rules and use plenty of common sense;

1) Ride only where you have permission.
2) Respect the countryside, don't throw litter or damage the area.
3) Choose to ride in places that allow you to improve your skills, not on pavements or streets, where serious accidents have happened to boarders and other people. Never ride too close to other people or in places where you could injure other people. 4) Children under 8 years of age should be supervised at all times when boarding.
5) Never ride without full safety equipment and protection.
6) Learn everything slowly, including new tricks. When losing balance don't wait until you fall, step off and start again. Ride down gentle slopes at first. Then ride slopes where your speed is only as fast as you can stop the board without falling. Never ride in new places or down unknown slopes without thoroughly checking them first for hidden obstacles or drops. Don't start your session at the top of a hill. Always start near the bottom and work your way up on each ride.
7) Most serious board injuries are broken bones so learn to fall (by rolling if possible) without the board first.
8) Boarders starting to learn should try with a friend or parent. Most bad accidents happen in the first month.
9) Join a club in your area and learn more. Prove you are a good boarder and care about yourself and others. Ask your retailer for more details.
10) Only ride where it is legal to do so. Never be towed or pulled on the board. Do not board at night, remember to be safe is to be seen.
11) Wearing long trousers and long sleeves will help to prevent grazing in the event of a fall.
12) Always use either a leash or full heel straps to prevent your board injuring others.
13) Never put your hands or fingers anywhere near the wheels or trucks when using the board.
14) No modifications shall be made to the product that would impair safety.

Thank you for purchasing your BluEarth All Terrain Board. With care and attention to the information contained within this leaflet your product will last and you will enjoy your board and the experience it will bring. Failure to follow the guidelines contained in this manual will invalidate any guarantee and may lead to serious injury.

All Terrain Boarding (ATB), or Mountainboarding, is currently one of the fastest growing extreme board sports and is enjoyed by a worldwide group of enthusiasts. Remember to show consideration to others but most of all enjoy.

Important Information.

Please use this product with caution. When you use your board, YOU are responsible for the safety of yourself and others around you.

Safety Equipment (Only wimps won't wear pads).

Always wear protective equipment when riding your board, such as knee & elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet certified to an international standard as this will assist in avoiding injury. Wearing long trousers and long sleeve tops will help prevent grazing in the event of a fall. Strong skate shoes with double stitched toes are recommended. A good brand such as Boras are available from all good retailers. For more serious, advanced boarders we recommend proper body armour and full-face helmets. Always use this product away from public roads and have due consideration when riding in public places and don't exceed your capabilities. This will help to prevent accidents to yourself and others.

Contents & Assembly.

This product contains the following, and all should be checked prior to construction.

- Your BluEarth board fitted with the truck units.
- An accessory pack containing a pair of foot-straps, a spanner, a coil leash and allen keys.
- Four wheels complete with tyres and bearings.

If any items from the above list are missing then please contact the retailer where you purchased the product. In some cases the retailer may build the board for you, but they are not obliged to do this.

To assemble your board first take the board out of the box and remove all packaging. Also take out the four wheels and the accessory pack and place them to one side. Use the spanner to remove the four nuts from the end of the truck units leaving the steel tubes on the axles. Take care to note which way the nuts are fitted to the axles, one side has a plastic self-locking plug fitted to them and this should always be on the outside. There will also be 4 small washers between the nuts and the steel spacer tubes. Slide the wheels on to the axles placing one washer between the spacer tube and the inside face of the wheel. Then place the other washer on the axle followed by the nut you removed earlier. Tighten the nuts firmly but do not over-tighten; the wheel should spin freely after the nut is tightened. It does not matter whether the valves are facing inwards towards the board or outwards, but it looks neater with the valves on the inside, although this can make them slightly more difficult to inflate.

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